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Album Overview

“No Bounds” is the debut full length album of Canadian jazz vocalist Caity Gyorgy. Set to be released on January 22nd 2021, “No Bounds” features some of Canada’s finest musicians including Jocelyn Gould on guitar, Thomas Hainbuch on upright bass, Jacob Wutzke on drums and Caity Gyorgy on vocals. The album is made up of Caity’s original music as well as some of her favourite jazz standards. Each track features slick arrangements that keep the listeners on their toes, but never distract from the playful grooves and the cheeky yet heartfelt lyrics of her original songs. As a whole, the album evokes a feeling of excitement, cheerfulness and swing. It is a fun, cohesive and expressive collection of music that is sure to leave the listener feeling energized and uplifted.


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Postage Due Caity Gyorgy
I Can't Get StartedCaity Gyorgy
00:00 / 05:12
I Can't Give You Anything But LoveCaity Gyorgy
00:00 / 05:46
East of The SunCaity Gyorgy
00:00 / 04:48
A Certain Someone Caity Gyorgy
00:00 / 04:12
UndefinedCaity Gyorgy
00:00 / 05:36
Bye Bye BlackbirdCaity Gyorgy
00:00 / 03:54

About the Songs

The record begins with an original and energetic song called “Postage Due” which sets the tone for the whole record. The song draws inspiration from elements of the relationship Caity has with her Gran Hilary. The opening line “Did you remember to put on your loafers, you know the ones with the penny in the front” came out of a conversation the two had when Caity was showing off a new pair of loafers and Hilary asked if she was going to put a penny in the front of them to use for the payphone later. Having not really experienced using a payphone before, that comment prompted a discussion about the fashion of the 1950s and the use of payphones. The topic of sending mail was inspired by the many letters Caity received as a child, and still receives today from her Gran! “Postage Due” is upbeat, fun and features solos from Caity, Jocelyn and Jacob.


“East of The Sun” is a beautiful song written by Brooks Bowman. Starting off the tune is a melodic intro played by Thomas on the upright bass. Caity and Thomas continue to play the head of the tune as a duo with the whole band coming in at the start of Caity’s solo. This song also features incredible and tasteful solos from Jocelyn and Thomas. From beginning to end, the band continues to add energy throughout the song, providing a nice arc of intensity for the listener.


Following “East of the Sun” is a gorgeous arrangement of “I Can’t Get Started” written by Vernon Duke.  This walking ballad is emotive and sentimental, but still swinging. Caity sings the melody with beautiful, relaxed phrasing inspired by the melodic embellishments of some of the great horn players of this music. Jocelyn’s playing is showcased wonderfully on this tune, demonstrating her supportive approach, as well as her skill at playing on ballads. Thomas’ playing on this piece is full of jazz language and melodic lines, his in the pocket time feel ties the whole solo together beautifully.


“A Certain Someone” is a swinging original song written about the different kinds of people that you encounter in your day to day life. From the barista that you meet every couple weeks that makes you smile, to the life long friends that you make every couple years, to the love of your life that you meet once in a lifetime, this song is about how valuable those people are and how lucky we are to have them in our lives. From the tightly arranged opening melody to the straight ahead solo section, the entire band is truly cooking on this track. Caity’s ability to deliver a lyric with passion and authenticity is particularly evident on this song.


The quartet’s recording of “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love” written by Dorothy Fields and Jimmy McHugh shows their comfort in a straight ahead swing context. The entire band plays supportively to each other, and the end result is a piece of music that is swinging from top to bottom and features solos from each member. The highlight of this piece is definitely the extended ending which features playful interplay between Caity and Jocelyn accompanied by energetic support from Thomas and Jacob.


Still raving from the excitement of “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love”, the album segues into a beautiful original ballad entitled “Undefined”. The song deals with a simple, yet universal concept that sometimes we truly don’t have the words to express how much we love something or somebody. From the warm, delicate rubato opening melody with voice and guitar, to the gently swinging accompaniment of the rest of the track, “Undefined” is lush and gorgeous from start to finish.


The album’s closing number “Bye Bye Blackbird” - written by Ray Henderson and Mort Dixon - features the band swinging hard in a medium-up tempo. The opening melody showcases Caity and Jacob in a swinging, interactive voice and drum duet. As the instruments layer in throughout the arrangement, the excitement builds as we go through an exceptional solos from the band before returning to the same duet format for the head out. The arrangement is simple yet fresh and energized and holds attention from start to finish.


Caity Gyorgy is a Toronto and Montreal based vocalist who is known for singing bebop and swing music. Being called one of JazzFM91’s 8 Canadian Women in Jazz You Need to Know, Caity performs regularly at both public and private events across Canada. 


Some of her most notable performances include the Toronto Jazz Festival, the Calgary Jazz Festival, the TU Jazz Festival, the Brampton World of Jazz Festival, backup for Natalie MacMaster, and the Calgary Stampede Talent Search (where she became the 2019 Grand Champion.) Caity has also worked with many luminaries in the Canadian jazz scene including Allison Au, Pat LaBarbera, Jocelyn Gould, and Pat Collins.


In addition to performing, Caity runs an instagram account entitled "@Liftaday" where she has gained global recognition from her transcription videos that are viewed daily by thousands of people. She has posted over 160 videos since 2018.


Caity plays most frequently with her group the “Caity Gyorgy Quartet”.  With this group, she creates hip arrangements of jazz standards to keep them modern and fresh, while still swinging. Caity also composes original music in the style of standard jazz repertoire as well as the great jazz composers of the 50s and 60s. Her arrangements and compositions often feature her own vocal improvisation which sets her apart from other jazz singers. She has released one EP and several singles and is set to release her debut album “No Bounds”, that features guitarist Jocelyn Gould, on January 22nd, 2021. Her recorded music has been played on radio station across the globe and she has been featured on multiple Spotify Editorial Playlists including “Jazz X-Press”, "Vocal Jazz", “Chilled Jazz”, and “Jazz Tranquilo”.


She is a thrill to watch and listen to.

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