About the Caity Gyorgy Quartet

The “Caity Gyorgy Quartet” is the group Caity Gyorgy plays with most frequently. 
Band members include Thomas Hainbuch on bass, Jacob Wutzke on drums and either Jocelyn Gould on guitar or Felix Fox-Pappas on piano.
With this group, Caity creates hip arrangements of jazz standards to keep them modern and fresh, while still swinging. She also composes original music in the style of standard jazz repertoire as well as the great jazz composers of the 50s and 60s.
Her arrangements and compositions often feature her own vocal improvisation which sets her apart from other jazz singers. With this group, she has released one EP and several singles and is set to release her debut album “No Bounds” on November 27th, 2020. Her recorded music has been played on radio station across the globe and she has been featured on multiple Spotify Editorial Playlists including “Jazz X-Press”, “Chilled Jazz”, and “Jazz Tranquilo”.